About Us

Smart Home refers to the effective combination of various subsystems related to home life through advanced computer technology, embedded technology, network communication technology, and integrated wiring technology.

So in 2016, we established "SMATRUL" and decided to help users build smart homes, so that you can control your home lighting, home appliances and other IoT systems just by using a smartphone APP or issuing simple voice commands to the smart speaker.

In recent years, voice control of home appliances has become a major trend, it is more convenient than mobile phone control of home appliances, and our smart products almost support this function, including smart switches, smart sockets, smart relay modules, smart lights, and some smart security products.

The mission of SMATRUL is to constantly understand the needs of customers, study the feasibility of the needs, and then design high-quality and reliable products for customers, and continuously improve and upgrade, so that you can get a real smart home experience, your happy use is our biggest wish.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality services, if you have any questions about SMATRUL, please contact us via email smatrul.official@gmail.com