Do you know about Zigbee, bluetooth and WIFI Connection?

Do you know about Zigbee, bluetooth and WIFI Connection?

In our store, we have the Zigbee, WIFI and bluetooth Switch or sensor, so here are some tips for you to use them.

General speaking:

General sensors use the ZigBee connection method, while other small things, such as temperature and humidity meters (not temperature and humidity sensors) use the Bluetooth connection method, and some smart appliances use the WiFi connection method.


Neccesity for buying a smart switch: 
When we just started to arrange the smart home, think of the smart home system as a big tree. The trunk of this big tree is a high-performance wireless router, and the big branches are ZigBee gateways, Bluetooth gateways (integrated into smart devices) and routers, Because if you buy a Zigbee Switch, you must need a Zigbee Gateway to do the network connection, so as the router for WIFI switch.

After that, you can start with the corresponding smart devices according to the required functions, such as smart cameras, sweeping robots , smart switch and other devices.

So that you could control your home furniture to the way you want: APP Remote Control, 433 MHz Control, Voice Control and touch control!

But please don't forget that the voice control need to be used with the Google Home, or Amazon Alexa;

And the 433MHZ Control should be bought to achieve the key control.


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