C Series With Time Display Fan Tv Dvd Voice Smart Home Alexa And Google Tuya Smart Wifi Infrared IR Remote Control

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样式: With time display

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Make Your Home Tidier, No Need For Data Cables

The Magic Series can be used with Type-C powered Magic Series switches and sockets and other equipment. No data cables are required. The advanced design concept integrates beauty and technology. It is easy to install and says goodbye to the cluttered desktop caused by too many data cables.

Time Display

The universal remote control also has a time display function that can display the current network time. Different from traditional infrared, Magic Series products bring more schedule planning by displaying time while working silently. In order not to affect your family's rest at night, you can manually turn off the time display.

Multiple installation methods

Type-C interface design is a very convenient and flexible interface standard that can realize plug-and-play functionality. In order to ensure the overall beauty of the home, we have designed a complete set of smart products, including smart doorbells, night lights, switches, sockets, temperature and humidity, presence sensors, cameras and other smart security sensors. Just replace the old switches or sockets at home with our Magic Series, Our Magic Series accessories are so easy to install. It can be installed by the elderly and children. Wherever you need to install it, just plug it in and pull it out, and the installation is done.

Multiple installation methods

The Magic Series uses a rotating typec design and comes with a 0.5-meter USB to TYPEC data cable, bringing a variety of usage methods. 1. Place the switch on the Magic Series: Through the typec design on the top of the Magic Series switch, insert the Magic Series infrared remote control into the switch. No data cable required 2. Place in the Magic Series socket: Insert the Magic Series infrared remote control into the socket through the typec design on the top of the Magic Series socket. You can use it wherever there is a Magic Series switch or socket. It is beautiful and simple, and gets rid of clutter. 3. Install the Typec adapter: You can rotate the Magic Series product typec at a suitable angle and insert the Magic Series product into the adapter, which is more concise and beautiful, and does not require a data cable 4. Install the USB adapter: Using the free data cable, the product can be placed anywhere 3. Place on the desktop: Using the provided data cable, you can adjust it at multiple angles by opening the adjustment bracket. 4. Hang on the wall: Use the provided data cable to place it on the wall at a suitable height through the wall-mounting hole on the back.

Environmental friendly

Our design concept: make the home tidier and more beautiful, and get rid of clutter. At present, other products require data cables or battery power supply, resulting in a waste of resources. Paired with our Rubik's Cube series, it supports environmental protection. There is no need to use batteries. Through the Type-C connection method, there is a continuous supply of power. There is no need to worry about power issues. It can serve us at any time when we want to use it. This design is both convenient and practical, and in line with the concept of environmental protection

APP control

Control infrared appliances through Tuya Smart or Smart Life APP anytime and anywhere. Turn most of your devices into smart devices to make life smarter and more convenient. Compatibility: Supports almost all infrared controlled devices, including your air conditioner, TV, set-top box, DVD, infrared electric curtains, etc. Has a huge IR database.

Voice control

By connecting the app to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, you can control your home appliances with your voice. For example: -Alexa, turn on the TV; -OK Google, set the air conditioning temperature to 25 degrees