Smart Light Switch Makes a Big Change in Your Home!

Smart Light Switch Makes a Big Change in Your Home!

We all know that : 

Smart WIFI/Zigbee light switch can turn on the light by phone control / voice control / 433Mhz keys Control/ touch control, and it have the timing function, coundown function, family sharing function, and so on.

But do you actually know what it means for your life convenience?

Do you hope that when you wake up in the dark night, put your feet down on the bed, shout"turn on the light", a warm night light will automatically turn on, and shout" turn off the ligh" the night light will automatically turn off when you lie back on the bed?

Voice Control 

Do you want to on the way you come back home, press the on at phone, then the light will turn on for you before you come back?

APP control from anywhere

Do you want to let the light automatically turn on the morning and turn off at the time when you want to go to bed? or do you want to set the light on in a few minutes?

Time setting Function

Do you want to make a surprise for your families at their birthday and make the light turnning on suddenly?

Countdown Function

Do you want to turn the corresponding lights with key button controller?Do you want to when you cannot find the phone turn off the whole room's light just with one click at the button?

433 MHZ Switch

Do you want to show a magic to just wave your hands and then the lights will be turning on?

Only the IR switch


Do you want to read at your room, shout " soft light" then the light will adjust the brightness for your need? and do you want to have party at room, shout " change the light color", the light will show your room with colocr for your want?

Brightness Dimming(only smart dimmer switch)

Color Dimming(only smart dimmer switch)

Do you want to let your kids away with playing with the lights when you are not at home?

Child Lock Function


Do you want your families to turn on the lights for their needs and everyone could enjoy the smart switch as you? 



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