Tuya Smart life APP Chime USB Receiver Night Vision Intercom Monitor Door Bell Camera Voice Wireless Wifi Smart Video Doorbell with Battery

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1. Only When Someone Presses The Doorbell, The Doorbell Can Be Activated To Watch The Video!
2. Video Calls Can Only Be Answered On The App Interface
3. The Distance Is 150 Meters In An Open Space. The More Obstacles There Are In Actual Use, The Shorter The Distance Will Be. In Addition, The Button Cannot Be Placed On The Iron Gate Or Iron Fence, Which Will Block The Signal. Please Put It Next To The Door
【Selling Point】
--【Wiring Free Installation】This Wireless Video Doorbell Is Easy And Quick To Install, No Wiring Required, Reducing Wiring Trouble For You.
--【Long Battery Life】Support Built-In 800mah Lithium Battery For Charging And Power Supply. It Can Last Around 3 Months Based On 10 Uses Per Day.
--【Language Intercom】Support Voice Intercom, When Visitors Press The Doorbell Button, They Can Talk Through Mobile Phone Voice Intercom.
--【App Remote Control】If You Are Not At Home, When Someone Rings Your Doorbell, No Matter Where You Are, Your Smartphone Will Receive A Video Call (Must Be On The App Interface) And A Notification.
--【Cloud Storage】Support Taking Pictures (No Sd Card Required), And Provide Free 30-Day Cloud Storage Service.
--【Low Battery Reminder】The Phone Will Receive A Reminder If The Button Is Too Low, And It Will Be Charged Super Fast (About 1.5 Hours To Fully Charge)
--【Snapshot Cloud Storage】75° Viewing Angle, When A Visitor Presses The Video Doorbell, It Will Be Activated, And The App Will Capture The Action And Save The Screenshot To The Cloud Storage.
--【Support Indoor Ringtones】When A Visitor Rings The Doorbell, A Clear Indoor Ringtone Can Be Heard At Home.
--【History] You Can View The History Of Pressing The Button
--【150m Distance】Long Distance Can Fit Most Families. Note That This Distance Is An Open Distance, The More Obstacles There Are In Actual Use, The Distance Will Be Shortened
--【Multi-Level Volume Adjustment】19 Pieces Of Music Are Optional, And 4 Levels Of Volume (High, Medium,
Low, Mute) Are Optional.
--【Free Cloud Storage】Support Taking Photos (No Sd Card Required), And Provide Free 30-Day Cloud Storage Service.
--【Sharing Function】Share With Family Members For Common Control
--【Offline Function】When The Device Is Offline, The App Will Remind The Device To Be Offline After 30 Minutes
Input Voltage: Dc100-240v 50/60hz
(Receiver) Dc5v 2a (Button)
Button Size: 85*53*24mm
Receiver Size: 42*55*25mm
Application: Smart Life (Tuya)
Wifi Type: 2.4ghz 802.11b/G/N
Distance: 150 Meters (Open Distance)
Melody: 19 Pieces Of Music
Volume: 4 Levels Of Volume
Sound: 0-100db
Viewing Angle: 75 Degrees
Battery Capacity: 800mah (Button)
Plug: Usb