SMATRUL ZigBee Tuya Smart Soil Temperature Humidity Tester Soil Moisture Monitor for Garden Farm Lawn

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Style: Soil Meter

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【ZigBee Tuya Wireless Soil Temperature and Humidity Tester】Download the "Tuya" app, connect the tester to ZigBee gateway to transmit data remotely, and then you can view real-time data of soil temperature and humidity counts, historical data graphs and more. You can also connect the soil tester to an automatic irrigator to determine whether to irrigate based on the soil temperature and moisture data obtained.

【Smart Online Soil Monitor】APP connection, IP67 waterproof protection level, corrosion resistant, can test soil temperature and humidity for a long time. Through soil temperature and humidity sensor, linked watering timer, router, gateway, sprinkler, water pipe to form an intelligent watering system.

【Easy to Operate】High precision and reliable performance, just insert the sensor probe vertically into the soil to use, you can check the soil temperature and humidity in the app and easily understand the soil condition.

【Wide Range of Application】Suitable for most soil types: can be used in various places, such as potted flower boxes, potted plants, courtyards, gardens, farmlands, vegetable fields, greenhouses, lawns, etc.


  • Moisture measurement range: 0-100%
  • Momoisture accuracy: 0-50% ( ±3 ) , 50-100% (±5)
  • Temperature measurement range: -20℃-60℃
  • Temperature accuracy: 1℃
  • Communication protocol : Zigbee
  • App response time : 60s
  • Power supply : 2pcs AA dry batteries
  • Battery life : 2000 mAh, more than 1 year
  • Protection class : IP67