SMATRUL Smart Soil pH Meter with Stainless Steel Probe for Both Hard and Soft Soil

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2-in-1 Soil Meter - Digital soil tester can measure temperature and pH value (acid and alkaline) of soil and other media. In addition, our soil pH meter has a unique design that can measure hard soil, dry soil, sandy soil, and other special soil, great for gardening, lawn, farming, farm, indoor & outdoor use.

Soil pH Meter with Bluetooth: Equipped with stainless steel probe cover, LCD backlight display, designed for professional soil pH measurement. 0.1 pH accuracy brings you more accurate test results, and the newly designed soil tester is more stable and durable.

Data Logger: Bluetooth real-time data transmission, allowing you to easily save data, manage and share test data without worrying about data loss. Simply insert the electrode of the soil meter into the soil and readings will quickly display. After 5 minutes without any operation, it will automatically enter standby mode to save power, in this mode, data can also be recorded normally.

Easy to Use: Plug and read, responds quickly. You can set the upper and lower limits of the pH value you want in the APP, when the test value exceeds the set range, the APP interface will display a red value abnormally to remind you of any value exceeds your preset range.

Note: The probe can be replaced and equipped with a protective cover to better protection. In addition, it is equipped with 5 packs of pH calibration powder (Asian standard: pH4.00, pH6.86, pH9.18, European standard: pH7.00, pH10.01). If your soil tester is damaged or defective, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.