SMATRUL Bluetooth Soil Moisture Meter & Soil Temperature Meter, Soil Monitor for Plant Flower Seed Germination

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Measuring soil moisture: Grasp the moisture status of the soil in time, provide a scientific basis for plant irrigation and drainage, and avoid poor growth or death of plants caused by too much or too little soil moisture.

Measure the soil temperature: understand the changing trend of the soil temperature, provide suitable temperature conditions for the growth of plants, and avoid the death of plants caused by too high or too low soil temperature.

Uses: It can be used to study the most suitable temperature and humidity required for the planting of flowers and plants, to judge whether the plants like humidity or are resistant to drying; it can also be used to study the temperature and humidity required for seed germination, which is a good helper to help you improve the germination rate of seeds; ideal for home planting, greenhouses, gardens, orchards, farms, agricultural science institutes, etc.


Type of wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1

Soil Moisture: 0-100%

Air Temperature: -10~60℃ (14~140℉)

Operating voltage: 3V

Battery: 2 X AAA Alkaline battery (battery not included)

Historical data: only store the last 7 days

The silicone sleeve is removable

Precautions for use:

1. Before inserting the Flower Moisture Monitor into the soil, be sure to clean the outside surface of the monitor.

2. If the soil is too dry, let the soil be fully wet for 5 minutes before inserting the device.

3. Insert 2/3 of the sensor into the soil, and it is forbidden to insert all the sensors into the soil.

4. After inserting the soil temperature and humidity tester into the soil, read the data after 1-2 minutes.

5. The temperature unit can be switched by the black button after the battery cover is removed.