SMATRUL Smart Bluetooth Food pH Meter High Accuracy Spear pH Tester

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【High-quality pH Meter】The food pH meter has been tested at the factory, and the probe is resistant to strong acid and alkali. The sponge in the probe cover contains a small amount of protective solution, wash and dry the probe after each use and put on the cap to maintain the sensitivity of the probe.

【Replaceable pH Probe】The smart pH meter for food measurement adopts a replaceable spear probe for easy maintenance, which is more sensitive and has a wider test range than ordinary probes.

【Automatic Calibration pH Meter】With a high sensitivity spear probe, you can get a full measurement range of 0-14pH and 0.01 pH resolution. With the 3-point calibration procedure and 0.1~60 ℃ automatic temperature compensation, the pH meter will automatically identify the calibration solutions and give you a quick reading.

【Maintenance】The food pH meter is factory calibrated and can be used directly. There is a protective solution in the electrode cover, if it is not used for a long time, you need to remove the batteries and cover the electrode cover, calibration is required before using it again.

【Wide Application】This food pH meter is suitable for testing the pH of soft solid samples such as cheese, sushi rice, meat, fruit, dough, bread, skin care products, solid medium, etc, and also suitable for routine pH testing of general water solutions.