Smart life Alexa Google Home Hygrometer Thermometer Detector Backlight Tuya Wifi Temperature Humidity Sensor

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1. Bluetooth is only used for network signal connection and cannot be used alone. WIFI+Bluetooth is more stable

2. This product is powered by batteries and does not include batteries
Detailed information
--【High Accuracy】The sensor uses top suppliers. High precision of measurement data can be guaranteed.

--【Real-time Monitoring and Recording】The sensor will report when the temperature and humidity changes very little. You can view the change of the value on the APP or on the display. Record changes in temperature and humidity on the APP, and show you with graphics.

--【Backlight Support】The sensor has a backlight, it allows you to browse the screen clearly at night.

--【Angle Adjustment】With bracket design,the angle can be adjusted appropriately

--【℉&℃】: The sensor is designed with Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion function. You can select the units to display according to your needs. The switching speed is related to the set data update frequency.

--【Wide Viewing Angle】We carefully designed the viewing range of the LCD screen, compared with other types of similar products, our viewing angle is wider.

--【Scene Linkage】This sensor can be used as a temperature and humidity data source for Tuya Smart, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Depending on the data source, you can perform many automated processes.

--【Temperature Unit Switch】The sensor is designed with Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature display conversion function. You can select the units to be displayed according to your needs.

--【Third Party Voice Support】The sensor supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant. You can check the current temperature and humidity by voice.

--【Wifi+Bluetooth Dual Mode】Connect to the network faster. Connecting to the Internet is 2 times faster than Wifi only

--【Sharing function】Share with family members for common control

--【Offline function】When the device is offline, the APP will remind the device to be offline after 30 minutes