Multi-mode Zigbee+Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Bridge Hub Smart Home App Control Tuya Zigbee Gateway For Smart Life Alexa Google Home

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An all-in-one powerful device of intelligent home automation function, which adopts the powerful development of SIG standard protocol based on ZigBee3.0 and BT for intelligent integration in SmartLife APP with intelligent controls. The multi-mode product is the control center of intelligent sub-devices, which can design and realize intelligent scenes by adding intelligent sub-devices, supporting sound and light alarm functions, additional functions such as RGB colorful ambient light control, alarm clock function, doorbell function, alarm log, system tone control.

Features: Upgraded version:Multi-mode Gateways design, support for a variety of wireless protocols of 2.4G WIFI, Zigbee3.0, BLE and Beacon. Supports Wi-Fi+Bluetooth+Zigbee .

Sub-device control as multi-mode compatible: Control sub-devices of the gateway, supporting remote control and group control for connected Bluetooth and ZigBee smart devices in Smart Life App as multi-protocol communication for ZigBee3.0 standard protocol and Bluetooth SIG standard protocol based,ensuring stable control of 128 devices as strong performance.

Focus on Security: Associate with other intelligent devices in APP for local scenario linkage and automation, suitable for connect to door sensor, door lock and doorbell, etc. 3 kinds of security mode, protect your safety. Support security function:  Can be integrated into the Tuya Security SaaS platform for added convenience to satisfy various protection requirements with alarm function; Tuya chip built-in enables voice control via Alexa and Google Home for freeing your hands in another sense;

App Remote control available: Remotely control the devices that are connected to the gateway through the mobile phone via Tuya Smart App no matter where you are,no need to separately control your Bluetooth and ZigBee devices in two different interfaces,simply control them within one multi-mode gateway hub with reliable local linkage and group control services supported.

Gateway comes with RGB night light:Automation the LED light with Sub-devices in APP, integrated night light and clock function, with functions of brightness and RGB color adjustable and ON/OFF the led light when needed.