SMATRUL Smart Smoke Alarm Detector Housing Security Wireless Smart life Tuya Zigbee Smoke Alarm For Home

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样式: Zigbee Smoke Alarm

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This product needs to be used with the tuya ZigBee3.0 gateway!

This product uses battery power, batteries are not included!

This product is a smart zigbee photoelectric smoke sensor. It can detect the presence of smoke in real time. Once the fire smoke danger is detected, the sensor's red LED light will light up and sound an alarm.

The alarm reminds you and your family in time. It can be widely used in homes, lounges, cafes, cabarets and other places where fire alarm monitoring is required. (The sensor cannot detect gas/heat.)
Detailed information
【Ultra-low energy consumption, battery-powered】 Battery life up to about half a year, no need to replace the battery frequently.No wiring required.

【90dB(A)* Alarm Sound】Let people react in time and deal with it quickly.

【Mobile APP Alarm Push】Let you get rid of the potential danger and economic loss

【Smoke detector reminds you of dangerous smoke concentration in time】eliminate potential danger and economic loss

【Recommended Installation Location】The alarm can be installed on the ceiling or tilted; if it needs to be installed on a sloping or diamond-shaped roof, the angle of tilt should not be greater than 45 ° and the distance is 50cm.

【Flat Ceiling Installation】 The best place to install the smoke sensor is in the center of the ceiling. This is because smoke,heat and combustibles rising to the ceiling will spread laterally. Please keep a distance of at least 30 cm from lights or other decorations.

【Sloped Ceiling Installation】 If the ceiling is sloped, install the smoke sensor at a horizontal distance of 90 cm from the ceiling pendant.

【Low Battery Reminder Function】 The product uses 2 AAA batteries (not included), when the batteries are low, the phone will remind to change the batteries

【Offline Function】 When the device is offline, the APP will remind the device offline after 30 minutes.