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No need for data cables, make your home cleaner

The "C smart" series, used with Type-C powered "C smart" switch socket and other devices, no data cable, advanced design concept combines aesthetics and technology, simple installation, does not take up the outlet location, goodbye to the desktop clutter caused by too many data cables. The advanced design concept combines aesthetics and technology, easy installation, does not take up the socket position, say goodbye to the desktop clutter caused by too many data cables.

Multi-style installation

"C smart" series using rotary Type-C design,complimentary 0.5 meters USB to Type-C cable, bringing a variety of ways to use.
1. Insert the temperature and humidity sensor into the Type-C port on the top of the "C smart" switch.
2. Plug the "C smart" temperature and humidity sensor into the Type-C port on the top of the "C smart" socket.
3. Install in the Type-C adapter.
4.Install in the USB adapter.
5. Use the supplied data cable and place it on the wall at the right height through the wall mounting hole on the back.
6.Use the complimentary data cable to place the product in any position.

Timely Alarm

You can freely set the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity suitable for you, open the APP to push the reminder, and once it exceeds the limit, it will immediately send an alarm for you, while keeping the reporting record

Ultra-high precision

Real-time collection and updating of temperature and humidity data, temperature tolerance within ±0.5°C, humidity within ±5%RH.The product is pre-calibrated to accurately measure temperature and humidity. You can also manually calibrate to improve data readings when product placement or environmental factors affect data accuracy

Intelligent Linkage

1.If you have other Tuyasmart products, such as Graffiti humidifier, set a humidity condition in add automation, linkage humidifier, once the humidity is too low, the humidifier in your room will start working.
2. If you need to linkage control equipment non-graffiti products, such as air conditioners, fans and other large appliances, you can linkage graffiti remote control to control, such as our series of infrared remote control, set a temperature condition,linkage infrared remote control, when the temperature reaches the limit value will automatically start the remote control for us to open/close the air conditioning. Let you experience a more humanized intelligent life.

Voice and Mobile APP Control

You can use voice control through Alexa, Google Home assistant to know the current temperature and humidity. Connect to the cell phone Graffiti APP, just simple configuration, you can start your smart home journey, free your hands. For example, you can say"Alexa, what is the temperature of the bedroom?"

Backlit Screen

Short press the top button to turn on the backlight, allowing you to view the screen clearly at night. The backlight turns off
automatically after ten seconds and is off by default, saving power and environmental protection.

Time Display/Comfort Color Bar Feedback

1. In addition to the temperature and humidity display on the display, it also has a time display function, which can display the current network time after networking. By displaying the time for you to bring more schedule planning.

2.The color bar below the temperature and humidity data on the display represents the comfort level of the current temperature and humidity, which intuitively indicates the current air condition, allowing you to better adjust the temperature and humidity

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