No need Battery Self Powered Type-C 58Ring Tones 4-Level Volume Waterproof Ring Wireless Doorbell

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--【No need for data cables, making your home tidier】 The "C smart" series is used with Type-C powered "C smart" switches and sockets and other equipment. No data cable is required. The advanced design concept integrates beauty and technology. It is easy to install and does not occupy the socket position. Say goodbye to data cables. Too much desktop clutter.
--【Modular assembly, customized combination】 Type-C interface design is a very convenient and flexible interface standard that can be plugged in and used. In order to ensure the overall beauty of the home, we have designed a complete set of smart products, including smart doorbells, night lights, switches, sockets, temperature and humidity, presence sensors, cameras and other smart security sensors. As long as you replace the old switches or sockets at home with our "C smart" series, it is so easy to install the series of accessories. Wherever you need them, the elderly and children can install them. Just plug in and pull out, and it is easy to install.
--【Multiple installation methods】 The "C smart" series uses a rotating Type-C design and comes with a 0.5-meter USB to
Type-C data cable, bringing a variety of usage methods.
1. Insert the "C smart" doorbell into the Type-C port on the top of the "C smart" switch.
2. Insert the "C smart" doorbell into the Type-C port on the top of the "C smart" socket.
3. Install on Type-C adapter.
4. Install the USB adapter.
5. Use the provided data cable and place it at a suitable height on the wall through the wall-mounting hole on the back.
6. Use the complimentary data cable to place the product anywhere.
--【No battery required】 Using self-generating technology, with the touch of a finger, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and wireless signals are instantly transmitted, so you no longer have to worry about changing the battery of the doorbell. It can also reduce battery pollution to the environment.
--【Long distance, high penetration】 The wireless transmission is long, the distance in the open
space can reach 150 meters, the coverage is wide, the penetration is strong, and it is stress-free to use through walls.
--【Multiple types of music】 Say goodbye to the "ding-dong" sound of the traditional doorbell. There are 58 kinds of music for you to choose from, which are vivid and sweet. There is always one that suits you and creates more joy in your life.
--【Various combinations】 One button can match 10 receivers, supports a variety of combinations, and is suitable for various house types. One-to-one: suitable for single-story and single-door users; One-to-many: Suitable for users with multiple floors. Press the doorbell lightly and the bells upstairs and downstairs will ring simultaneously; Drag one more: Suitable for users with front and rear doors. There is a button for the front and rear doors. If you press any one, the bell will ring in the house, so you don’t have to come to visit.
--【Different ringtones, distinguish different doors】 In the multi-drag mode, one doorbell can set different
music for different buttons, and different ringtones can be set for the front and rear doors, making it easy to distinguish and not open the wrong door.
--【Four modes】 The doorbell is equipped with a lighting function, which can be triggered by adjusting the
switch into 4 modes: only ringing but not lighting, only lighting but not ringing, both ringing and brighting, and no ringing but not lighting. Meet any of your needs. For example, a deaf elderly person can tell whether someone is visiting by turning on a light.
--【Volume adjustment】 4 levels of volume, freely adjustable. For example, if you have a busy week and want to have an
uninterrupted weekend, you can turn the volume to the lowest level to protect your tranquility.
--【No cross-talk】 Using intelligent learning code technology, it will not cause cross-ringing or interfere with neighbor's doorbells when used in any combination.
--【Intelligent Memory】 Restart the machine after a power outage to retain the setting memory without resetting.
--【Waterproof and dustproof】 Support IP44 level protection.Can be used both indoors and outdoors

--Kind tips:
1. Wireless signals are affected by the environment. The more obstacles there are, the more serious the signal loss will be and the shorter the distance will be.
2. The button cannot be placed on the iron door, otherwise the signal will be blocked. It is recommended to place the button next to the iron door.
3. The receiver cannot be placed next to wireless signal equipment such as microwave ovens and radios to avoid interference with the signal.
4. For outdoor use, it is recommended to use it with a waterproof cover, which is available in our store.