Tuya APP Remote Control WiFi USB Charging Gas Leak Detector Alarm with Sensor for Safe Smart Home

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1. Tuya series products do not support all Samsung equipment.

2. Bluetooth is only used for network signal connections and cannot be used alone. Wifi+Bluetooth is more stable

3. This product is to detect biogas, natural gas, methane. Can't detect smoke
Detailed information
-【WiFi+Bluetooth Double Model】 Connect to the network faster. The connection network speed is three times faster than the WIFI single mode, WiFi+Bluetooth dual mode is more stable and faster

-【Large-screen LCD】Display the gas concentration and equipment status in real time to understand the leakage situation

-【Self-examination function】Automatically detect the fault, yellow light is on when there is a failure.

-【Sound and Light Alarm】 90DB sound alarm and red light warning, reminding the gas concentration to reach the alarm value

-【APP Remote Alarm】When the gas concentration reaches above the alarm value, the device will issue a sound and light alarm signal and push it to the APP

-【Discover the temperature change】Excerant of the set temperature value, the equipment will report to the police

-【USB power supply] USB charging does not need to buy batteries, the data can be updated in real time, the data is more accurate

-【Various gas detection】 Support natural gas, biogas, methane detection, pay attention not to support smoke detection

-【Offline function】When the device is offline, the app will remind the device offline after 30 minutes