SMATRUL Tuya Smart WiFi Fan Light Switch 2 in 1 Manual / APP Remote Speed Control

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Plug Style: US Plug

Color: Black

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  • Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Fan power: 400W
  • Lamp power: 800W
  • Wiring: neutral wire is required
  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Wifi Type: 2.4GHZ 802.11b/g/n
  • Application: Smart Life APP
  • Size: 120*72*34mm


  1. 【Fan Light Switch】Can control the fan and light on/off at the same time.
  2. 5-level gear displaySupport 1-5 gears to manually control the fan speed, which is more convenient for you to use.
  3. APP remote controlControl the on/off of fans and lights anytime, anywhere through the Smart Life APP.
  4. 【Voice Control】Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home, you can control the fan light with simple voice commands.
  5. TimerTurn on and off the fan at a specific time, and also support setting a specific time to turn on and off the light on the fan.
  6. 【Countdown】Set how long the countdown will take after turning on the fan light to automatically turn it off.
  7. 3 restart states after power failure】Default on or off, or remember the last state.
  8. 【Sharing function】Share with family members for common control.
  9. Group functionYou can turn off or turn on group devices together, which is more convenient.
  10. Offline functionWhen the device is offline, the APP will send a notification to inform you that the device is offline after 30 minutes.
  11. 【Tempered Glass Panel】】Anti-deformation and fading, easy to maintain and clean, prevent scratches.