SMATRUL Tuya Smart Smoke Detector, Wifi Fire Sensor Alarm with Temperature and Humidity Detection

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  1. Material: ABS
  2. Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  3. Input voltage: AAA battery (battery not included)
  4. Detection range: 20㎡
  5. Quiescent current: ≤10uA
  6. Installation method: Ceiling type
  7. Alarm current: ≤120mA
  8. Low voltage prompt: ≤2.4V
  9. Working temperature: -10°C~ 50°C
  10. Working humidity: <95%
  11. Alarm sound level: 80dB/1m
  12. Product size: 90*90*40mm


【2 in 1 Smoke Sensor】With smoke sensor and temperature and humidity sensor, it can not only detect smoke, but also measure temperature and humidity.

【Temperature and Humidity Curve】The change of temperature and humidity can be recorded on the APP and presented to you in graphics. It is more intuitive to let you know whether there is an abnormality.

High Temperature Alarm NotificationWhen the real-time temperature is sensed to be higher than 60 degrees, the APP will send an alarm notification.

【80dB(A)*alarm sound】When the temperature reaches 60 degrees or the smoke reaches a certain value, the alarm will be triggered, allowing people to respond in time and deal with it quickly.

【Smoke detector timely reminds of dangerous smoke concentration】Get rid of potential danger and economic loss.

【Voice Control】Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Intelligent linkageUse with other Tuya smart devices, such as door locks, monitors, motion sensors, etc., to provide timely rescue and reduce the possibility of accidents.

Low Battery ReminderWhen the battery is lower than 20%, it will automatically push a message to remind you, so that you can replace the battery in time.

Connection methodWIFI+Bluetooth dual-mode connects to the network faster. Connect to the internet up to 2x faster than just using Wifi.

Group functionYou can turn off or turn on the group devices together.

【Sharing function】Share with family members for common control.

Usage ScenarioIt can be widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels, bars, dance halls and other places that require fire alarm monitoring. (This sensor cannot detect gas/heat)

Installation location:

  • 【Recommended installation location】The alarm can be installed on the ceiling or inclined; if it needs to be installed on a sloping roof or a rhombus roof, the inclination angle should not be greater than 45°, and the distance should be 50cm.
  • 【Flat Ceiling Installation】The best place to install the smoke sensor is in the center of the ceiling. Because the smoke, heat and combustibles that rise to the ceiling spread laterally. Keep at least 30cm away from lights or other decorations.
  • 【Sloped Ceiling Installation】If the ceiling is sloped, please install the smoke sensor at a horizontal distance of 90cm from the ceiling pendant.