Smart Plug Links to Everything in Your Room

Smart Plug Links to Everything in Your Room

Maybe you are consider the function of smart WIFI plug, smart Zigbee socket, smart plug with power monitor, now let me introduce them to you!!

A Omnipotent smart device 

First of all, they can be connected almost all the electricity device in your home, because it's plug for everything. Unlike the light switch can only connect the switch, the smart plug can do that to all the electrical devices!

APP Remote Control & Voice Control

Imaging that you have been at work, but forget to turn off the TV, air-conditioner, what can you do? No need to ask a leave for work, Just take this smart socket, then you could remotely control it by your phone.

Imagine in cold winter, you jdon't need to leave your warm bed again and again to turn on or turn off the electricity devices every time, how comfortable and relased it is!

Plug to Every Device & APP Switch Control by Your Phone, voice control also support


Then you could set the time for turn on or turn off all the stuff. Or you could set the countdown to them.

Imagine that you are busy at somthing else and don't have time to cook, then you could set the time to turn/off the cooking machine by using the smart plug and just preparing the stuff for cook.

Timing function & countdown 

Then you may find that some plugs has the power monitoring function, what's that for?

Power monitoring function is to calculate the used power by the devices. So the plug with power monitor function can show the electricity usage amount to your of each device. 

Power Monitor Function

 Then what is the difference between Zigbee socket, and WIFi Socket?

First of all, the Zigbee sockect need a Zigbee gateway to connect with, and WIFI socket need a router to do the connection.

Generally speaking, the Zigbee products' price is lower than the WIFI‘s. Because of its lower power consumption, and faster connection and fewer control devices than WIFI.

Frequency: Zigbee connection can support 2.4Ghz Radio frequency, while WIFI can do for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Connect devices: WIFI can connect to over thousands of devices, and Zigbee can only connect to about 200 devices.

Connect Speed: But Zigbee cannot connect to phone faster because it just need its gateway connect to the network is ok, unlike WIFI need every device to be connected.

So they have their different advantage and diavantage:


In general, I believe you will need the smart plug for your life convenience!








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