Smart life APP Remote Control Roller Shutter Door Switch Gate Tuya Bluetooth Smart Wifi Garage Door Opener

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-- This is a WiFi only device and will not work with any RF 433Mhz or RF 868Mhz remotes.

--Check before ordering, please test compatibility

Please check if your garage controller is compatible with our mods. Take a piece of wire with both ends stripped or a straightened paper clip and short the wall button terminals on the corkscrew (I marked them in red). It works with our smart controller if the garage door is open or closed.

-- Bluetooth is only used for network signal connection and cannot be used alone. WIFI+Bluetooth is more stable

Selling Point

--【No Gateway Required】You don't need to buy a Hub for this device, which connects to your house's WiFi. But a strong WiFi signal is a must for this device, try connecting your phone to the WiFi next to the engine, if it works, the device will work, otherwise look for a WiFi signal repeater.

--【Wifi+Bluetooth Dual Mode】Connect to the network faster. Connecting to the Internet is 2 times faster than Wifi only

--[APP remote control] Control the device anytime, anywhere through the mobile phone APP.

--[Intelligent linkage] In the intelligent scene mode, linkage can be set to send out an alarm sound. The mobile APP will also receive notifications. Such as garage door open/close status, timeout notification and overnight notification to remind you to close the garage door.

--【Voice Control】Use with Amazon Echo and Google Home, Yandex, Tmall Genie. Make your garage door smart so you can open or close it even when you're not there.

--[History] You can view the history of the garage door switch

--[Offline function] When the device is offline, the APP will remind the device to be offline after 30 minutes

--[Family Sharing Function] Create a smart home with your family

--【Set Timing】Turn on and off the connected device at the specified time.

--【Sharing function】Share with family members for common control

--【Support siri】This device is not compatible with HomeKit. But you can add tap-to-run scenarios to Siri Shortcuts in the Smart Life app.


--Voltage: 100-250VAC, 50/60Hz

--WiFi standard: 2.4GHZ 802.11b/g/n

-- Cable length: 5 meters

--APP name: Smart Life, Tuya

--Size: 43mm*39mm*23mm

--color: White

--Plastic material: fireproof ABS

【Single product packaging parameters】

Net weight: 0.21kg

Gross weight: 0.03kg

Quantity: 1PCS

Packing size: 92*92*45mm