Why You need a Smart Dimmer Switch and a Dimmable Light Bulb?

Why You need a Smart Dimmer Switch and a Dimmable Light Bulb?

Smart Dimmer Switch- It could help adjust the light brightnness, color temperature and colors for your light;

Smart Light-Usually connect with smart dimmer switch to adjust the light;

I bet you want a adjustable light bulb at your home,  which could make multicolored lights for party, provide lively atmosphere for fetivals, and bring warm and romantic environment for your date.

And I bet you want to adjust the light brightness many times, such as you want soft light whlie reading or working on the computer, and strong light for serching for something in the room;

Besides the temperature is also very important too, it could help you to make your room in the mood you like.

But not every dimmer switch can adjust the light color or lcolor temperature, you need to be sure what you want when choose the dimmer switch.

And you should also be certain that what kind of light bulbs can be adjusted and connected with the dimmer switch.

We also have some beautiful smart light bulbs for your choice, they can change the color without being connected with the dimmer switch:

And There are some smart dimmer switch for you to look at: 






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