Would you like to Own a Smart Home?

Would you like to Own a Smart Home?

At the time of 7:00 am, Xinyi was awakened by the light and curtain. After that,   he eat the breakfast with noodles without any haste. And the clothes are washed without delay.

The reason why Xinyi did not panic is that he had set the auto on/off for the smart light, curtain, and the smart plugs for cooking breakfast. The time based on the  the time spent on the way to eat breakfast, work and the time required for washing. So he doesn't need to worry anything about being late for work at all! This undoutedly bring great confidence for him.

So we can see that Xinyi has a smart home now! So do you want to own a intelligent assistant to help you deal with the fussy thing to you? Here are some solutions we could bring for you:

  1. Turn on/off the light at your phone
  2. Adjust the light brightness 
  3. Change the light color for the party
  4. Remotely Turn on your water Heater
  5. Get the Notice and trigger alarm if there is thief
  6. Automatically shut off your curtain
  7. Phone Check the Door on/off
  8. Automatically Alarm for Gas Leak
  9. Voice Control to turn on the Air-conditioner
  10. One Controller to control Air, Conditioner, Fan, TV, DVD, etc.
  11. Turn on the Humidifier when there are dry air, and so do the air-conditioner
  12. Doorbell Ring without the guest knocking the door

So what kind of intelligent system do you want for your home? 

I think you might think that the home equipment automation should be a  safe and fast value-added services and management to provide a safe and comfortable home environment.

Yes, that's right, so you should choose our company's products, because we are puntuating to provide more and more advanced and High-tech smart devices for you!


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